In the past decade, the priorities of preparing teeth replacement have changed. As a result, due to the increased aesthetic demands of patients, aesthetic solutions have become conspicuous in dentistry as well.

As a matter of course, aesthetics is a completely subjective term under which everyone understands something else. As a rule, we interpret it as the status similar or near to natural i.e. identical in attributes and shape with the own teeth in your mouth.

Teeth replacements as translucent as your own teeth can only be achieved by some metalless solution.

In case of single tooth restoration, porcelain shell, full porcelain crown (jacket), and zircon crown or - as aesthetic cavity filling - BelleGlass or pressed ceramic inlay/onlay can be manufactured.

If a bridge is required, the solution is a zircon bridge or - in the side regions - a BelleGlass inlay bridge where the rubbing off of the whole tooth surface is not necessary.


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