Our goal is to manufacture the absolutely perfect tooth replacement. To achieve this, both the dentist and the dental technician should meet rigorous requirements.

The quality a dental technician is able to provide cannot be better than the quality provided by the dentist in the course of preparation. This means that if the preparation - the impression or the bite - is not correct, the technician will not be able to do a perfect job either since his work is highly dependent on the dentist's work.

1. Preparation
- formation of rounded shoulders (Chamfer)
- smooth preparation surfaces
2. Impression
- impression with sulcus formation
- no displacement, no tear at the edges, free from bubbles
- the borderline of preparation is well visible
3. Bite
- two bilateral bites
- checked up in the mouth repeatedly
4. Working hours
- minimum the time set as work terminus
- the longer the working time the more beautiful and precise the prosthesis
5. Payment
- adherence to the agreed payment terms
- immediate payment with weekly/monthly accounting

Dentists are kindly requested to seek cooperation with our laboratory only if they are capable of working in the same spirits and of meeting the above requirements.

There are lots of average dental facilities, dentists, and dental technicians - we do not want to be one of them.


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