About the Laboratory

Since 1998, we have worked in the facility in Kinizsi street completely converted into a laboratory of dental prosthetics, easy to reach by metro. A two-member staff works for me in preparing metal-ceramics and Belleglass metalless prostheses.

Because of the small staff, we are not able to undertake much work but what we do represents the highest standards. Any lab can work a lot but only a few is able to master beautiful prostheses to meet the highest expectations of our patients.

An agent hired by and at the expense of the laboratory delivers Works from the dental surgery to the laboratory.

Our services include "colour visualization" which means that we are ready any time to examine the teeth colour of the patient in the laboratory since it is much easier to identify it exactly in the environment where the prosthesis will be manufactured, and we achieve better result if the "eye" that "will do" the restoration determines the colour.

It is also possible that the patient comes into the laboratory when the work is finished, and has the opportunity to form an opinion upon having tried the prosthesis in his/her mouth. Patients may be involved in the selection of shape and colour alike. Patients like this "interactive" process, as a rule, since they have the opportunity to examine and to get familiar with the new placement.

Our laboratory manufactures only fixed metal-ceramic and metalless prostheses because we have wide experience in this area.

We are specialists in metalless restoration since we have succeeded in preparing thousands of this kind of prostheses in the recent years.

Because of the lack of experience we do not manufacture removable prostheses and/or combined replacements since we believe that there are laboratories, which can do this job in much better quality than we would.

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