I was born in 1970 in a family of physicians in Budapest. With 13 years of age, I used to assist to my father and grandfather in my father's private surgery.

In 1988-90 I studied the bases of dental prosthetics from renowned masters in the Central Institute of Stomatology.

In 1990 I finished the dental technicians' school in Budapest as first in my class. After school I accepted the offer of Duna-Dental Kft., a firm in German ownership, where I specialized in metal and plastic plating. This laboratory used to work for export i.e. we worked exclusively for Western European (Germany and Finland) dentists.

Early in 1992, after six months in military service, I joined a renowned craftsman for learning the tricks of ceramic plating. After 2 years of practice, I joined Dentiqum Kft. as "porcelain specialist", where I have become later the elected leader of the laboratory for 3 months.

In December 1993, at the second try, I passed the master's examination.

Since 1994 I have attended 3 or 4 training courses each year, mostly in Western Europe, in order to get even more familiar with various areas of dental prosthetics.

In 1995 I obtained the licence for acting as individual craftsman and have been a self-employed person since then.

In 1995 I was the first to introduce Noritake ceramics and Biomate metal in Hungary. In the same year, I worked as guest of a laboratory in Northern Italy where I had to give account on my skills in ceramic works and business marketing, and as a result of this I became a Noritake demonstrator.

In 1996 I attended, as only Hungarian, the world conference of ceramics specialists in Brescia.

Since 1996 I have held a large number of ceramics demonstrations and courses in Budapest and in the countryside alike.

In 1997 I was invited to present and teach Duceram ceramics but I refused that in 1998 because of incompatibility.

In 1998-99 I gave lessons of ceramics theory and practice in the 3rd class of the dental technicians' school in Budapest.

Since 1998 I have been a founding member of the Hungarian Professional College of Dental Prosthetics. In the recent years, I became a specialist in metalless dental solutions. This means that I spend most of my workdays with manufacturing Jacket crowns, ceramic inlays and shells. Consequently, I have gathered considerable experience in this field of aesthetic dentistry.

Since autumn 2000 I have held 2- and 3-day ceramics courses on metalless restoration for beginners and advanced trainees in the Czech Republic.

Since summer 2001 I have held similar ceramics courses and advanced training in Serbia.

In September 2002 I started working with a dental substance called BelleGlass, also suitable for relatively small-span dental bridges for patients explicitly allergic to metals.

Since 1999 I had been a member of the editorial committee of the journal "Quintessence Dental Technology" for 2 years.

From 2001 I used to be the editor of the journal "Hungarian Dental Technology" for 3 years, and wrote series of articles as well.

From March 2003, being interested in novel metalless solutions, I started working with Zircon ceramics. Recently, I have made zircon bridges on a regular basis and I think that I have already gathered wide experience on the advantages and disadvantages of this solution in Hungary.

Since January 2004 I have been the editor of the journal "Dental Technology", a sister publication of "Dental Labor".

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