Our services Prices
HIP- cirkon framework with Porcelain (Denzir) 220 Euro
Grün- cirkon framework with Porcelain (Etkon) 200 Euro
Cirkon crown with Porcelain (Etkon) 160 Euro
AllCeram crown with Porcelain (Procera) 130 Euro
Jacket crown (Noritake) 80 Euro
Porcelain Veneer (Noritake) 80 Euro
PFM by CAD/CAM (Etkon) 80 Euro
PFM by normal technic (Bego) 60 Euro
Porcelain margin 10 Euro
BelleGlass crown 60 Euro
BelleGlass onlay 60 Euro
BelleGlass inlay 60 Euro

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